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Bachelorettes Mistake Cop for Stripper (AP)

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- A police officer arriving at a bachelorette party because of a noise complaint was mistaken as the entertainment!
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Miniature Dogs Chase Off Flasher (Reuters)

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German flasher exposing himself to a woman in a forest was forced to run for cover when she set her three small pug dogs on him, police said on Friday!.
Wednesday's Updates
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School kids to Be Asked to Consider Oral Sex?!

LONDON (Reuters) - British school children are to be controversially asked to consider oral sex instead of intercourse as part of a drive to cut the country's high teenage pregnancy rate.
Thursday's Updates
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Vibrating package shuts down post office!

A high-tech robot was sent in to pick up the package and X-ray it. The X-ray showed some kind of wires and something else, Miles said. When it was opened, authorities found adult toys including a vibrator and massage oil.
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Height of Pleasure, Brothel Offers Plane Sex (Reuters)

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) - Having sex in Chile can take you to new heights. At least that's the claim of local brothel Fiorella, which offers clients a flight over the capital, Santiago, accompanied by two ravishing women.
Saturday's Updates
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Juror fell asleep during porn film

A US judge declared a mistrial in an obscenity case after a male juror fell asleep while a porn video was being shown.
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Men Tried for Posing as Police to Rob Brothels

BERLIN (Reuters) - Six Germans are on trial accused of robbing brothels while posing as plainclothes police carrying out inspections, court officials said Tuesday.
The unemployed men, aged between 27 and 50, have been charged with stealing about $4,600 and several mobile phones at 10 Berlin brothels, a court spokesman said.
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